Recreational Lakes

Five of the Best Recreational Lakes in Minnesota's Itasca County!

1. Pokegama Lake
Pokegama Lake, located in southern Itasca County, is a recreational Mecca of the northland. With its 6,612 acres there is plenty of room to roam. With restaurants, resorts, campgrounds, a golf course, and even a place to buy gas right on the lake, everything is provided for a weekend in the North Country, not to mention a superb 4th of July fireworks display. Pokegama lake is easily accessible by using any of four boat landings. The lake is also a good walleye and small mouth bass fishing lake. DNR Lake Info

2. Deer Lake
Deer Lake, the lake of "changing colors," is a must see for any sightseeing boat cruisers. The lake is very scenic with its crystal clear water, calm bays, and numerous islands. Deer lake is fished very little due to the deep crystal clear water but can harvest some good-sized muskie. DNR Lake Info

3. Wabana & Bluewater Lakes
Wabana lake and Bluewater lake are joined together by Wabana's Wakeman Bay are two of the nicest lakes in the area. Located just 12 miles from Grand Rapids these two lakes offer gorgeous scenery while still being close to town. Very similar to Deer Lake with crystal clear water, Wabana and Bluewater are rarely fished. However, Wabana produces some good walleyes while Bluewater has some big lake trout. DNR Lake Info

4. Turtle Lake
Turtle Lake, located in northern Itasca County, is a beautiful lake with numerous islands and bays. This 2,052-acre lake has 21.8 miles of shoreline, much of which is not developed with houses yet, so there is plenty of room to roam without stepping on anybody's toes! Also, there are resorts on the lake with plenty of cabins to choose from. The cabins will accommodate one person or up to thirty people. The lake has a maximum depth of 137 feet. DNR Lake Info

5. Swan Lake
Swan Lake is located in southeast Itasca County off the town's edge of Pengilly. With a golf course, resort, bar and restaurant the lake has everything you need. Its 2,472 acres are a perfect fit for any type of boat including sailboats. Also, the lake has good walleye fishing. DNR Lake Info
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